The TelSysTex (TST) was established in 2011 in USA , NY province.


TST has expertise in all aspects of modern telecommunication technology , including : LAN , WAN , Internet and E-Networking , Network Access and Security , VOIP , VPN , Networked Video Surveillance , Fixed and Mobile Communications.

TST mission is to provide customers - Carriers , GSM-Providers , Utility Operators , Campus Users , ISDN , ADSL , UMS with Flexible and Customized Equipment for High-Speed Data and Voice Transmission Over Copper or Fiber-Optic Cables.

TST products are made with incumbent Telecom Operators (ILECs) , Competing Providers (CLECs) , (ISPs) , Utilities (railways, electricity, oil/gas companies) , Corporate / Campus Users and we see a large Potential to grow further.

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