TELSYSTEX honor the best products and the latest communication solutions such as ACCESS, video and network management and new systems Real time network management and security services and the latest platforms , M2M / IOT and mobile virtual Networks and hardware and software it provides you with the tools. telecommunication and provide better service to our clients increasing development
TELSYSTEX well known in the field of telecom and Broadband Business Solution and communication platforms based on the latest communications technology and telecom to set up : LAN / WAN, Internet, Network Access, Security, VOIP, VPN, LoRaWan, NB IOT , SigFox ,LTE, Network, Video Surveillance, Fix / Mobile Communication will provide a solution.
TELSYSTEX image Another objective is to provide technologies we offer the best solution Virtualize Network Services (VNFs) and Open Virtual Platform (OVP) and we are offering you provide equipment and services that are both and superior performance .
TELSYSTEX image in cooperation with big companies and the world's top networking and security work in the field of large customers, including general economic, transportation, Utility Operator, academic centers, applications (Vertical Application) is used to set up the project each of these pieces of equipment, flexible (flexible) and organized to send and receive high speed data, Voice and Video simultaneously or non-simultaneously on copper wires, fiber optic or wireless LTE and LoRaWan and ...